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Drofnosura - "I" - Red Tape

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Drofnosura "I" available in red tape tape via Red Valley Records.

Drofnosura - Started in 2010 as a 4-piece experimental sludge/doom band. After a year of experimenting with crushing riffs, thick walls of noise and dark waves of ambience, the EP "I" was created. Shortly after this release, one of the guitarists decided to part ways with the band. Continuing on as a 3-piece, Drofnosura recently released a new demo under the title "Avidya". The demo continues along the path of thick, slow riffing with dark and atmospheric nuances, but lends a greater focus to song structure.
“The dragging drawl of the songs are pleasantly enticing to the ear. The music is laced with dark mysticism and a brooding generosity delivering a sense of solace in the heavy tones. The energy powerfully resonates through you and relaxes every movement as you feel their songs true heaviness”